TES Buffer 0.2M, pH 7.0


Product Description

TES is a structural analog to Tris buffer, one of the ethanesulfonic acid series of biological buffers developed by Good et al. Because the pKa of TES buffer is 7.4 (physiological pH), it has considerable potential for a variety of biological applications.

Technical Specifications

Synonyms: 2-[(2-Hydroxy-1,1-bis(hydroxymethyl)ethyl)amino]ethanesulfonic acid,
CAS#: 7365-44-8
Molecular Weight: 229.25
Molecular Formula: C6H15NO6S
Concentration: 0.2M
pH: 7
Shelf Life: 1 year
Ship Temperature: RT
Storage Temperature: RT
Hazmat Shipping: Non-hazardous


Technical Documentation

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)